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02 August 2006 @ 11:53 pm
two times smut.  
Title: Strings that tie
Rating: T
Summary: Bunking in together. Season 5 Sawyer and Juliet.

That night she spills her story, because it's the fair thing to do. She had read his file, so he assumed she must know everything about him. He was right.

They weren't enemys anymore. Over the past two months they had established a relationship, both of them unsure where it had started or where it was going. They even bunked in together, for God's sake

She is very honest with him and he appreciates it. However, she can't bring herself to share details about her sister. She'd always get emotional about the subject and tonight wasn't a good time to take a test on her strings. .

"You must'a been lonely." He sets his glass of wine down. She had expected questions, lots of it. But this was unnervingly different. She takes a gulp from her own glass before speaking again.

"I was." She stares down at her hands.

"Shit, Jules. I know it sounds like a hell of a joke, but when I tell you I'm sorry 'bout all the crap we put you through, I ain't lying."

"You did what you had to do, to protect your people at the time. I don't blame you for that, James." Her voice is merely above a whisper now. It did mean a lot to her, more than he could imagine.

"That ain't change the fact that I'm sorry for it now." It takes a lot of courage for him to lay his hand flat on her back. He, too, knows loneliness.

"I'm exhausted." She takes a deep breath and brushes her hand against her face, a gesture he's become so familiar with. She hadn't meant to say that out loud, but the wine has sent her into a mercyful state of dull- and carelessness

"Betcha not gettin' much sleep these days, wandrin' 'round the house all night."

She raises her gaze to meet his eyes, uncertain how to respond. Shit. He senses her unease and smirks.

"Ya know, Blondie, there's always a spot for you in my bed, in case ya get scared." Nothing in the world could have made her admit that she was thinking about it every night, just crawling into his bed, curling up next to him. She smiles back at him.

That night, when he holds out his hand to her after listening to her soft footfalls for a while, she takes it.

The second she climbs into bed and he breathes in her scent, Juliet's scent, he knows he was going to regret this. He would always come back for more now. Nevertheless, he is very pleased with himself when her rythmic breathing tells him she's asleep.

He doesn't even bother to try and go to sleep himself when he feels her fingers curling softly around his arm.

Title: First
Rating: M (eplicit sexual content!)
Summary: Another take on Season 5 Sawyer and Juliet.

He grabs her hand, pulling her to him. She frowns at him, a million questions racing through her mind, but they are lost the second he brushes a strand of unruly hair from her face. She closes her eyes and swallows hard. When she simply leans into his hand, they both come to an understanding neith of them could have put into words.

He's claiming her mouth with such intensity, it's making her head spin. Little does she know the way she is spinning him around, all the same.

She looks up at him, eyes silently pleading for clarification, but when he opens his mouth to speak, she simply shakes her head.


He is dying to touch her, to hold her and so he does. He gathers her to him, running his hands over her back, into her hair, pushing under her shirt, desperate to pour all he was feeling into her. He never stops kissing her, undressing her, them, in between, leaving no space for sense and reason. Somehow, they don't mind.

She can't believe the gentleness when he lays her down and runs his hands along her side, admiring her body, her softness. He is starstruck for a moment, when he comes to understand that this is Juliet. He grants himself a few seconds to memorize her naked body against the white sheets, shoulders, hips, stomach, before leaning over, kissing her everywhere.

He reaches between them to slip two fingers inside of her, finding her very ready and it turns him on more than anything. She gasps in suprise, squeezing her eyes shut and he can't resist kissing the soft spot above her collarbone. He thinks he has never tasted anything better.

"I'm crazy about you, Blondie." He whispers in her ear, making her smile, although the playful tone is betrayed by his sincere eyes and careful touch. When he locks eyes with her (goddammit, so dark and blue, and beautiful), he knows she wasn't gonna play along, not tonight. He buries any nervousness that's left in another deep kiss, before finally loving her the best way he knows.

He's pushing into her and she's meeting him halfway. Placing a hand on her hips, he's almost losing his mind over the feeling of her moving against him. She is gentle and quiet and the delicate sound of her breathing makes him forget everything else around him. He'd be damned if this wasn't the best sex he's ever had.

"Fuck!", he hisses and she smiles shyly. He wonders if she even knew how exquisite she was. He slurrs the words against her temple, "You're beautiful.", to be damn sure she hears them well.

When she's pressing her fist to her mouth and lifts her hip just this perfect little inch, letting him in even deeper , he knows she's about to come and it sends him over the edge instantly. He gently takes her hand away from her mouth, locking their fingers, telling her he needs to hear her. And when her body finally shoots into space, she cries out for him, holding onto him, and he let's her, shaken and exhausted.

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